Run 1: 2.71 miles

I managed to run 2.71 (painful) miles today.

A few observations on the first runs:

  • Any (out of shape) first run over a mile will hurt – a lot. Don’t fret, first runs are always the most painful. You just get more used to the pain as you put in more miles.
  • The best way to do a first run is to pick 3 points. A starting point, a halfway point and an ending point. Start running at the 1st point and don’t stop until you’ve hit the ending point.
  • Never, ever quit on a first run, unless you absolutely have to. There’s a good chance that your back, side or legs may hurt, but it’s only because your body has yet to adjust to the level of fitness you need to run the speed at the distance you are training for. The 2nd run is always better than the first.

Gmaps pedometer says: Subtract 390 calories. Here’s the route:


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