Run 2: 2.71 Miles

Yesterday evening, I ran the same loop from Wrigley Field to Belmont, down to the Belmont Harbor and back up the Lakefront trail. It was less painful than Run 1.

Observations from Run 2:

  • Heat is a factor. The weather on my first run was hot and humid and I felt every step of the run. It might be beneficial for me to run later in the day, although the longer I wait to run, the less likely I am to run. It’ll be important to plan for the weather.
  • Hydration is key. I was significantly better hydrated on my second run than on my first and the run was much smoother. In the past, I’ve been dehydrated or come down with heat stroke throughout summer runs, and it has a lasting effect. To counter this, I’m going to try to make a concerted effort to increase the amount of water I drink throughout the day, and consuming no more than about 8oz an hour before I run.

One response to “Run 2: 2.71 Miles

  1. Yes, those are two key components of a good run. I find it easiest to run in the morning because of the heat/humidity where I am. Good luck on run 3!!!

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