Days 3 & 4

Day 3 was the 2.71 mile loop that I ran on day’s 3 and 4. Day 4 was a 5k run through a torrential downpour that took my ipod out of commission over the weekend. My running form is improving and my legs are starting to turn over as I become fatigued during my runs. I took Friday, Saturday and Sunday off and I’ll be starting up with another 5k today. While it’s only week 2, I’m already beginning to feel my level of fitness elevating.

In my mind, there are 2 keys to improving your fitness through running:

  • Run (almost) everyday. The more you run, the easier it becomes and the more likely that you’ll continue to keep up with it. You’ll also begin to see some of the many benefits of running.
  • Create balance in your runs. Spend some workouts concentrating on speed and others on distance.
    • Long distance runs will allow you to build capillaries, which deliver oxygen and nutrients to and remove waste products from the body’s cells.
    • Speed workouts, which should be incorporated once the total weekly running milage exceeds 20 miles, will allow you to improve your arm drive, stride and stamina, while contributing to better running form.

I’ll begin incorporating speed work into one run a week once I’ve surpassed 20 miles a week in my 3rd week of running. This week I’m looking to run around 15 to 20 total miles.


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