Run 2: 2.71 Miles

Yesterday evening, I ran the same loop from Wrigley Field to Belmont, down to the Belmont Harbor and back up the Lakefront trail. It was less painful than Run 1.

Observations from Run 2:

  • Heat is a factor. The weather on my first run was hot and humid and I felt every step of the run. It might be beneficial for me to run later in the day, although the longer I wait to run, the less likely I am to run. It’ll be important to plan for the weather.
  • Hydration is key. I was significantly better hydrated on my second run than on my first and the run was much smoother. In the past, I’ve been dehydrated or come down with heat stroke throughout summer runs, and it has a lasting effect. To counter this, I’m going to try to make a concerted effort to increase the amount of water I drink throughout the day, and consuming no more than about 8oz an hour before I run.

Run 1: 2.71 miles

I managed to run 2.71 (painful) miles today.

A few observations on the first runs:

  • Any (out of shape) first run over a mile will hurt – a lot. Don’t fret, first runs are always the most painful. You just get more used to the pain as you put in more miles.
  • The best way to do a first run is to pick 3 points. A starting point, a halfway point and an ending point. Start running at the 1st point and don’t stop until you’ve hit the ending point.
  • Never, ever quit on a first run, unless you absolutely have to. There’s a good chance that your back, side or legs may hurt, but it’s only because your body has yet to adjust to the level of fitness you need to run the speed at the distance you are training for. The 2nd run is always better than the first.

Gmaps pedometer says: Subtract 390 calories. Here’s the route:

Around the pier

After work I skated down to (and around) Navy Pier, bringing my milage for the week to about 28. I took Thursday off and Friday is a holiday, so I’m going to try to make a run at a 100 mile week.

Below is the route I took yesterday:

Down to the taste

My roommate and I headed down to the Taste of Chicago yesterday. I was on my skates and he was on his bike for almost 15 miles. Normally, the route would be a little shorter, but we had to go north to Sheridan to stay out of the Pride Parade’s route.

Below is our route:

The most important meal of the day

An interesting article from the NBC10 (Philadelphia) website discusses some of the benefits from a big breakfast diet:

Dr. Daniela Jakubowicz of the Hospital de Clinicas in Venezuela said an overall low-carb diet may cause a quick weight loss, but pounds come back quickly, as well. Only 5 percent of carb-restrictive diets are successful after two years, she said….

All told, those on the new diet lost more than 21 percent of their body weight, compared with just 4.5 percent for the low-carb group.

For more information, check out “Big Breakfast Key to Weight Loss, Doc Says” at the NBC10 website.

On the road

I was traveling last week for work, so I brought my skates with me and made it out in Elmwood Park, IL and Mt. Vernon, IL, far from the familiar Chicago Lakefront trail, but enjoyable nonetheless.

In Elmwood Park, my trip was about 13.5 miles to Berwyn and back:

In Mt. Vernon, I didn’t venture too far due to the road conditions, so I plotted out an impromptu 1.3 mile loop course and did 5 intervals for a total of about 9.3 miles.

Overall, it was a 45+ mile week on the skates. I’m going to try to push for 70 and 100 mile weeks over the next two weeks to maximize the amount of weight I’m able to lose while on the Master Cleanse Diet.

24 mile weekend

I skated to Navy Pier today and on Saturday, each being about 12 miles round trip. Today’s trip was pretty smooth and took about an hour. On Saturday, however, I was affected by the heat and came down with heatstroke. It will be really important that I’m monitoring my fluids as the heat rises and I step up my workouts.