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Tracking your run

I’m adamant about tracking my mileage and any calories that I’ve been able to lose. I have found 2 tools that are perfect for both:

Gmaps Pedometer

Gmaps pedometer is a free hack that uses Google’s mapping application to help record distances traveled and calories burned during a workout (running/walking). I absolutely love this application and frequently include screenshots on this blog that I’ve created using the Gmaps pedometer. In fact, using the hybrid option, I’m even able to track my mileage on the Chicago Lakefront trail as I can follow the streets that I’ve run down until I reach the trail, and then draw my course down the trail to get an idea of the total mileage that I’ve covered. This tool also includes a calorie counter (sorry bikers and skaters – only applicable for runners and walkers), that tracks how many calories you have shed based upon your weight and the distance that you’ve traveled.

Nike + ipod Sport Kit

Nike + ipod sport kit

The Nike + ipod sport kit is a a device measuring and recording the distance and pace of a walk or run that is compatible with the Nike + shoes and ipod Nano.  All Nike + shoes have a built-in pocket beneath the insole of the shoe where a sensor can be placed that communicates with the receiver, which is placed in the ipod and collects and records data from your run. When your run is complete and you sync your ipod back into a computer, the data from your run integrates directly with the Nike website, and a picture of your pace throughout the run is created. If you already have the shoes and an ipod nano, the Nike + ipod sports kit will set you back about $30.