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Fighting shin splints

I ran the 2.71 mile loop yesterday by the Chicago Lakefront. The majority of the run was smooth, but my left shin was in pain toward the end of my run. I knew it was shin splints.

I’ve been overstriding during my runs, and changing surfaces (concrete, blacktop, limestone trail), which I attribute as the primary causes of the shin splints.

To recover quickly from shin splints, follow these tips:

  1. Ice legs after a run.
  2. Ingest some aspirin or ibuprofen with food.
  3. Wrap a heating pad around your leg in the evening.
  4. Stretch by doing Wall pushups.

Shin splints tend to occur more often as new (or in my case, out-of-shape)runners begin to become acclimated with running. There’s also a chance that your shoes may be worn down (new shoes every 500 miles!) and that you may not have the best type of shoe for your feet. If this is the case, you may want to check out this article on finding the right running shoe.